Various - greatest hits of 1965

A three-disc set released by Universal International, Motown Greatest Hits is a wonderful collection that combines the obvious Motown hits with material a little less at the center of the label's patented 1960's sound. Rick James ' "Superfreak" and Billy Preston 's "With You I'm Born Again" are just two of the titles mixed in here that give this anthology a more comprehensive feel than the usual Motown compilations. Relatively uncommon tracks like "I Hear a Symphony" by the Isley Brothers , and the movie theme song "Ben" by Michael Jackson are also included, adding to the historical sweep of this boxed set.

Four songs are new to the album: " When God-Fearin' Women Get the Blues ", " Blessed ", " Where Would You Be " and " Concrete Angel ". All of these were released as singles, with "Blessed" reaching number 1 on the Hot Country Songs charts and the other three all reaching top 10.

A beautiful girl walks down the street and gains the attention of Michael Jackson and Chris Tucker . They follow her and get in trouble.

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The Mancunian four-piece packed their debut with spellbinding pop melodies like this, influencing a generation of Brit-poppers.

Various - Greatest Hits Of 1965Various - Greatest Hits Of 1965Various - Greatest Hits Of 1965Various - Greatest Hits Of 1965