Russell scott & his red hots - going back home

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Within 10 minutes after landing in the desert, Russell was surrounded by 15 armed and screaming Iraqi soldiers who stripped him of his pistol and took him to a nearby bunker. The man who had downed his jet came in to introduce himself. “I shoot you down,” he said in broken English. “I get two of you now.” Then he took Russell’s name tag as a souvenir and shook his hand. “It was kind of weird meeting the guy who wanted to kill you,” says Russell. The flier was later driven to what he now believes was Kuwait City, where Iraqi interrogators, trying to extract information on . military intelligence, were considerably less polite. “They knew how to hit, how to inflict pain and just how much they could do before you were knocked out,” says Russell. After 24 hours the beatings stopped, and Russell was transferred to a dank 10-foot by 12-foot cell in a Baghdad prison, where four other Americans and three Britons were also held captive. Though they were fed only meager rations of watery gruel and stale bread and were prohibited from talking to each other, the POWs were not physically abused. One of the worst things was the nightly, incessant allied raids that showered bombs around the prison. “You felt so helpless,” says Russell. “So I started praying, ‘Hey, if a bomb is going to hit me, make it a clean shot, Lord.’ ”

Russell was a prominent anti-war activist and he championed anti-imperialism . [68] [69] Occasionally, he advocated preventive nuclear war , before the opportunity provided by the atomic monopoly had passed and "welcomed with enthusiasm" world government . [70] He went to prison for his pacifism during World War I . [71] Later, Russell concluded war against Adolf Hitler was a necessary "lesser of two evils" and criticized Stalinist totalitarianism , attacked the involvement of the United States in the Vietnam War and was an outspoken proponent of nuclear disarmament . [72] In 1950, Russell was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature "in recognition of his varied and significant writings in which he champions humanitarian ideals and freedom of thought ". [73] [74]

Russell Scott & His Red Hots - Going Back HomeRussell Scott & His Red Hots - Going Back HomeRussell Scott & His Red Hots - Going Back HomeRussell Scott & His Red Hots - Going Back Home